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Lose Weight. Gain Energy. Reduce Stress.

Helping faith-based women experience total transformation mind, body, and spirit.

What is Stay Fit Wellness Coaching?

A Christian-based organization, Stay Fit Wellness Coaching is wholly committed to helping you lose weight, keep it off, and experience total transformation. You’ll benefit from valuable, comprehensive expertise, as our licensed physical therapists, wellness coaches, and personal trainers thoughtfully guide you on your journey to better health.


After many years of struggling with her weight, our founder, Diana Sahakian, determined that it was time to find a permanent solution to her problem. By using her educational knowledge as a physical therapist and personal experience, she found the formula that works for middle aged women to lose weight and be successful long term.

Diana developed the 5 Principle Method Weight Loss Program that focuses on strategies that have God at the center and apply evidence based scientific principles that will ensure you get results that last.

At Stay Fit Wellness Coaching we are passionate about helping you to love the life God has called you to and live it well. If you are longing to solve your weight loss problem once and for all, there is a solution that works, and you too can do it.

Our Programs

Our Programs

Who Are We?

Our Team


Our team includes Licensed Physical Therapists, Certified Personal Trainers and Wellness Coaches.

We are committed to helping you Get Fit and Stay Fit by enhancing the health of your mind, body, and spirit.

We offer our services in English, French, and Arabic.

Diana Sahakian, Founder


Hi! I'm Diana, a physical therapist, counselor, entrepreneur and wellness coach.

My own struggles with chronic pain and weight challenges led me to develop the 5 principle method that helped me overcome my struggles and discover total wellness, and I want to help you experience the same.

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Our 5 Principle Method

We will teach you how to leverage these five proven principles to achieve long-term lifestyle changes.

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