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About Us

Guiding you to optimal wellness through evidence- and faith-based principles.

Our Story

Stay Fit Wellness Coaching offers wellness coaching services to help you lose weight and experience total transformation. 


Here is why I believe our approach is the solution to your weight loss struggle and will improve your health long term.


As a Physical Therapist I have been treating patients, counseling, and coaching Christian women for over 20 years.


I treated a lot of patients with chronic pain and health conditions who were also overweight or obese.


The problem was that before I could teach other women how to fix themselves, I had to fix myself first.  


I thought I had figured things out until I had our third son at almost 40.  


I hit rock bottom. My health and life were spiraling out of control. I was obese. I struggled with chronic pain.


I had three kids and couldn’t keep up with my life.


I felt stuck.


I have a history of PCOS and it got worse with my last pregnancy.


Things kept getting worse until my dad died in 2015.


It was a wakeup call, and I knew something had to change.


I had an aha moment: All the fad diets, extreme methods, and quick fixes I had tried did NOT work.  


I wrote down all the things I had done that had failed and decided it was time to find a solution that will give me results that last.  


A solution that bridges the gap between the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspect of me. 


I decided I will not go on another diet ever again.


I discovered what nobody else is talking about. I knew it had to be a lifestyle with God in the center that applied evidence based scientific principles that will ensure you get results that last.


I did a lot of research until I found the formula that works for middle aged women to lose weight and experience total transformation in mind, body, and spirit.


Once I was able to fix myself…. and I was a difficult one to fix… I was confident and excited to share the formula with other women who struggle with the same problem as me.


Now, I might not be stick thin like a lot of fitness coaches out there, but…


I am now at my lowest weight, have more energy, no pain, and I feel the strongest I have ever been.


I am now able to live the life God has called me to and live it well… which is so important!


I also have improved my overall health and my doctors are so surprised!


And today, if you’ve been struggling with your weight like I was, I want to help you solve your WEIGHT LOSS problem once and for all.  

Our Team

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