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Free Strategy Call

Learn How You Can Move from Stuck to Unstoppable!

Whether you have a goal, want results, are stuck, or have something standing in your way, we can help.

Get personalized guidance on: 

  • Where to start making healthy lifestyle choices

  • Weight loss and weight management

  • Establishing an appropriate movement and exercise program for you

  • How to achieve a work-life balance

  • Ways to improve energy, focus and motivation

  • And more!

Hi. I’m Diana Sahakian, a physical therapist, coach, counsellor and business owner.

My own struggle with chronic pain and movement asymmetries and my journey to overcome physical challenges made me passionate about helping and empowering others.


I want to help individuals to develop strategies to improve their health and wellness through exercise, diet and emotional well-being.

- Diana Sahakian, Physical Therapist and Wellness Coach

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