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Mindset and Weight Loss: The 4-R Formula To Renew Your Mind

Weight loss is so much more than the kitchen and the gym.

They’re important, sure, but your mindset is the main player in weight loss success.

Why? Because your mindset causes you to think, feel, and behave in a way that will equip you to win with your weight loss…or lose.

The Connection Between Your Mindset and Weight Loss

Ladies, the connection between your mindset and weight loss is a simple concept to understand, but it’s not an easy one to implement. It takes hard work and believing that the Holy Spirit is willing and able to help you. The Lord wants us to change the way we think and He gives us the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish it. We don’t have to do it alone—that’s good news!

The bad news is that negative thought patterns are easy to hold on to. And, when you constantly think negative thoughts, you will have negative results. If your prevailing belief about yourself is that you are not going to succeed, guess what? You are not going to succeed. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

That’s why on this week’s episode of the Faith-Based Weight Loss for Women podcast, I want to free you from the lies and negative thoughts you’re believing, so that you can push aside every hindrance on your weight loss journey and experience lasting success! I’m discussing my 4-R formula for renewing your mind (in a way that aligns with the word of God) so that you can begin to see real changes in your mindset and weight loss results.

You’ll learn:

  • Why repentance isn’t a scary word and the role it plays in the connection between your mindset and weight loss

  • How to renew your mind in a way that aligns with God’s word and places your trust in the work of the Spirit

  • The connection between hard work and the Spirit’s work

If you’re stuck and exhausted on your weight loss journey, and you need help getting from where you are to where you want to be, this episode is for you!


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