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Intensity vs. Consistency: Which is better for effective weight loss?

Remember the childhood story of the tortoise and the hare? In a competitive race, the hare was so far ahead of his opponent that he carelessly took a break before getting to the finish line. While the hare rested, the turtle kept going at a slow and steady pace and ended up winning the race to the hare’s surprise!

The moral of the story has tremendous value for your weight loss goals today and that is consistency wins every time.

Motivation gets you started, but eventually it tapers off. Intensity can take you far, but it can only last for so long. When you consistently maintain good habits, you will achieve the results you want to see.

Intensity vs. Consistency: What does it mean to be consistent?

Consistency looks like:

  • Showing up regularly no matter how you feel.

  • Being open to change and constructive feedback.

  • Not letting your emotions drive your actions, but letting results drive your actions.

  • Giving your best, and on the days when you can’t, being determined to give your best perhaps later on that day.

What it doesn’t look like is completely giving up on days when you’re just not feeling it. You’ll never get the results you want to see if you let your emotions drive your actions, so it’s important to remain consistent even when you feel like wavering!

Intensity vs. Consistency: Consistency is the KEY to getting the weight loss results you want.

On this week’s episode of the Faith Based Weight Loss for Women podcast, I speak with my client Chris about the importance of consistency and how it has made all the difference in her weight loss goals. She advises those of you feeling defeated in your journey to keep praying and to follow the guidance of the program to keep seeing results.

We also discuss:

  • Pushing through emotions that keep you stuck

  • The comprehensive approach to weight loss that drives results

  • Developing consistent rhythms and sticking to your goals

I’m so thankful for the progress Chris has made and most importantly that she doesn’t give up! Consistency is the KEY to getting the weight loss results you want. If you’re wondering how to make this a reality for yourself, then please join us for this week’s podcast!


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