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The 3 "E"s of an Effective Exercise Plan

We’re about three weeks into the New Year… how are those resolutions coming so far? I’m personally a huge fan of goals, and yet I know they can feel downright intimidating. They don’t have to be, though.

One common goal I see in many weight loss plans is “exercise more and eat less.” You’ve probably heard me say a million times by now why that “goal” is a recipe for disaster for middle-aged women. It puts too much emphasis on one side versus another. In contrast, when I create a game plan with my clients, our goal is to create a comprehensive and balanced one because the purpose isn’t just to lose weight – it’s also to build muscle, age well, and do the things you want to do to maintain the quality of life you want to live!

Don’t get me wrong, an effective exercise plan is a huge portion of healthy living. It’s important, though, to create a comprehensive exercise program to get lasting results. For example, one of my clients used to only do cardio. Eventually, her body stopped responding to her workouts altogether. Has that happened to you before? It’s a common phenomenon because your body gets comfortable doing the exact same thing over and over and it plateaus.

Inevitably, you experience stress and frustration because you’re not obtaining the results you want. This is a recipe for disaster in losing weight! (Does this cycle sound familiar?)

A complete workout regime consists of the following four areas:

· Cardio

· Strength training

· Flexibility

· Balance

We’ll not only dive deeper into each of these areas, but we’ll also talk about what goes into an effective exercise plan in this week’s episode of the Faith-Based Weight Loss for Women podcast.

Of course, there’s not a one-size fits all exercise regimen. We’d each be asking for more of that please! But it is so important that you maintain a balanced approach and commit to a program that you can actually enjoy.

I promise you there is no rule book that says “weight loss must not be fun.” However, there is a book (The Bible) that talks about how rigorous training can help us grow to have a healthier mind, spirit, and body that loves the Lord.

I encourage you to commit to moving and exercising. Don’t give up because your goals feel unattainable. Join me in this week’s podcast to crush those goals and create an effective exercise plan today!


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