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The Secret To Getting Rid of Belly Fat

Middle-age brings a lot of changes to your body, and while that’s annoying, it’s not all bad! But it is important to know how to navigate those changes in a way that boosts your energy and helps you to feel good.

Most of the middle-aged women I coach are unsatisfied with their 3 B’s: bellies, breasts and behind area. Belly fat, however, is always the #1 problem zone in losing weight out of the three.

Before we can make a change though, it is important to understand the root of the problem.

The Secret to Getting Rid of Belly Fat: The Danger It Causes to Your Body

Belly fat, also called visceral fat, is a dangerous fat in our bodies. With an excess of visceral fat, you are more likely to have high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and it’s even linked to certain cancers. The reason belly fat can cause so many problems is because it is directly related to insulin.

Now insulin helps store sugar in your cells for energy, but too much of anything can become a bad thing. When you regularly eat too much sugar, your body can become resistant to insulin. Soon, your brain may not even recognize that too much insulin is being released and tricks your body into craving more sugar when you don’t actually need it. Consequently, the vicious cycle continues!

The Secret to Getting Rid of Belly Fat: The Solution

Many of my clients end up following the wrong formula because it’s one that they’ve followed their entire lives: eat less, exercise more. In this week’s episode of the Faith Based Weight Loss for Women podcast, I dispel that myth and talk about the real reason(s) you are gaining belly fat and how to get rid of it.

Key Takeaways:

1. The truth about belly fat and why it’s dangerous to your body

2. Top 5 reasons you’re gaining belly fat and what to do about it

3. Why the “eat less, exercise more” narrative is FALSE and what you can do instead

If you are unsatisfied with your body and struggling with the changes that middle-age brings, then this podcast is for you. Join me in discussing the secret to burning belly fat once and for all!

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