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Is Your Mindset Making You Fat?

I know, it's a bold question. But it’s meant to be because I want you to understand just how crucial your thoughts are when it comes to losing weight.

Your mindset—the thoughts and beliefs that you have about yourself—will impact your behavior toward success or failure. What we preach to ourselves is what we start to believe about ourselves and what we believe about ourselves shapes our actions.

That’s why your mindset is so important in your weight loss journey.

Think about it. How often do you have thoughts like the following?

“I can’t do this. I’ll always be fat.”

“I can lose the weight but I always gain it back.”

“I’m doomed to be this way forever.”

If you’re constantly preaching these things to yourself, you will never see the progress that you want to make on your weight loss journey. You are what you think.

Is your mindset holding you back? Renew your mind.

One major way that you can fight against a negative mindset is to focus on the truth of God instead of your fear and uncertainty.

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine who told me that when she used to write prayers in her journal, she wrote down all of her negative feelings—what she was afraid of, what she was anxious about, etc. But, then she realized that she wasn’t feeling any better afterward. The reason she felt this way was because she was reinforcing her negative mindset every time she journaled.

Over time, my friend became convicted that, instead of focusing on everything she was afraid of, she would start focusing on who God is and His truth as she faced life’s trials. I was so proud of her! It was really cool to hear about her transformation.

Leave your negative thoughts behind.

Listen, there are no quick fixes to renewing your mind. It requires patience and perseverance. But God will help you. Invite him into your wellness and see how he transforms you. Begin with this simple change: instead of “I can’t do this,” replace it with “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

In this week’s episode of the Faith-Based Weight Loss for Women podcast, I go over exactly how to renew your mind and leave the negative thoughts about yourself behind.

You’ll come away with a deeper understanding of:

  • What makes up your mindset and why it’s so important in your weight loss journey

  • What the Bible has to say about mindset and renewing your mind

  • The difference between renewing your mind and positive thinking

If you're ready to stop letting your mindset hold you back and start letting God’s truth encourage and shape you, this podcast is for you!

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