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How To Keep Your Mind From Holding You Hostage in 2022

Fearful, stuck, disappointed, defeated, frustrated, and confused… do any of these emotions resonate with you? So many of the women I talk to feel this way and I want to let you know that you are not alone. I was in bondage – I still am. My body wants to hurt, wants to fight the progress. I have certain diagnoses that impact my health and I have to constantly consider how to retrain my thoughts in the three areas we’re going to talk about today.

Keep Your Mind From Holding You Hostage: Identify Harmful Thinking

Our minds are prone to work against us, but we have to learn how to identify harmful thinking so that we can get rid of it and change from the inside out. Sure, it’s possible to lose weight from a fad diet or program, but if you haven’t done the work to heal your mindset, then it likely won’t be sustainable.

In this week’s Faith-Based Weight Loss for Women Program, I go over three major areas to consider when it comes to breaking free from debilitating mindsets.

We discuss:

#1 Fear of failure …again

#2 Fear of rejection

#3 Fear of change

Keep Your Mind From Holding You Hostage: Let Go Of Fear

Where are you most susceptible to being held hostage? Write down the area you most identify with, cross it out, rip it up, and throw it in the garbage. I want you to close out the previous year by letting go of the fear and speaking the truth over it—that God is going to equip you.

Friend, you don’t have to stay in bondage… but you do have to ask Him and do your part, as you let God renew your mind. The good news is God tells us to not fear at least 366 times in His word. I like to think that he accounts even for a leap year.

I’m so grateful for each and every one of you. Teaching you pushes me to live better and holds me accountable. I want to thank you for traveling through 2021 with me, and I’m so excited for the year ahead. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us!


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