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Letting Go of Perfectionism & 3 Tips to Win with Your Weight Loss During the Holidays

“If I can’t do it perfectly, I won’t do it at all.” “Because I didn’t follow through perfectly, I give up.” “I’ll wait for a better time to take action.”

Have you ever felt stuck in your health journey because you had similar thoughts? Perfectionism is a pitfall you must avoid when it comes to weight loss because it leads down a path of failure, anxiety, unrealistic expectations, and unattainable goals.

If you struggle with perfectionism when it comes to your health and wellness and are challenged to stay on track during the holidays, don’t miss this podcast episode! Today you’ll learn: => What perfectionism is and why it is a pitfall you MUST avoid when trying to lose weight => What 3 tips you must implement to WIN with your weight loss and overcome perfectionism => How letting go of perfectionism is key to achieving a sustainable lifestyle without ever yo yo dieting again!

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