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Menopause Weight Gain: How to Lose It (And Keep It Off)

Every week on the Faith-based Weight Loss for Women podcast, I love to bust weight loss myths. You know why? Because what you believe in your inner being to be true will guide your feelings, actions, and behavior. I want you to be filled with truth so you have the best tools possible at your disposal to lose weight and keep it off!

That’s why this week I’m tackling the myth that it’s impossible to lose weight during menopause.

Yes, menopause weight gain is a common phenomenon, especially around your belly. But that does NOT mean that you can’t do anything about it. It’s a matter of taking a holistic approach that transforms your mind, body, and spirit (not just your belly), and one that works for your particular body.

Menopause Weight Gain: You Can Do Something About It

That’s why I’m so excited to share my client Kris’s story with you. She never struggled with managing her weight until she hit menopause. Then, she tried everything she could get her hands on to lose weight.

  • Detoxes

  • Keto

  • Gym membership

  • Eating only healthy fats

You name it, she tried it.

Yet even though she was diligent in her efforts, she could not lose the extra weight that she gained during menopause. She even gained more weight while trying all of the above methods. Kris began to feel stuck, exhausted, and self-admittedly tormented by the fact that nothing was working.

But when we started working together, everything changed for Kris. On this week’s episode of the Faith-based Weight Loss for Women podcast, Kris and I discuss exactly what shifted for her in the Faith-based 5 Principle Method that empowered her to begin losing weight.

We talk about:

  • What exactly attracted her to the faith-based weight loss model and how it renewed her hope

  • How she got the practical tools she needed to deal with the stress in her life (which is huge for weight loss!)

  • Where she is now on her weight loss journey and how she’s been given the tools for lasting change

Ladies, you CAN lose weight during menopause, I promise. Does it take concerted effort? Yes. But you are worth it and the Lord will help you.

If you’re ready to understand how to lose weight during menopause, listen to Kris’s story on this week’s podcast and be encouraged!


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