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Renew Your Focus by Knowing Your WHY

We all hit bumps on our weight loss journeys and often what we need to get back on track is a renewed sense of purpose. Or to put it another way, the question I like to ask clients to help them refocus is: What’s your why? Why are you doing what you’re doing?

When you really dig down deep to answer this question, you get a renewed sense of purpose and focus that will help you keep moving forward when the going gets tough.

How I Found My WHY

I have struggled with my weight ever since I was a little girl. Not only that, my features were masculine, I was a big girl, and even experienced facial hair growth as a child. To top it all off, my dad was a plastic surgeon and his job was to make people look pretty.

I didn't feel very pretty.

I became a bit of a problem for my parents because they didn’t know what to do with me.

Then a pretty HUGE transformation occurred in my life when I was diagnosed with a serious disorder (I talk about it in the podcast) and we finally got some answers to why I was struggling with my weight and my appearance so much.

I started exercising, too, as a young woman and started taking better care of my body.

But my struggles didn’t end. I experienced chronic pain and between middle age and having three children, I was in a vicious cycle of losing weight only to gain it all back and then some.

But here’s the thing. My weight struggle and pain are what God used and continues to use to make me depend on Him, grow closer to Him, and to help me develop my program further to help more women. This is my why.

I don’t despise the challenges that I’ve gone through. It’s what God has used to lead me to my purpose. After so many ups-and-downs with my weight, I finally developed a program that helped me lose weight and keep it off without depriving myself and I feel better than ever. God has redeemed the time and because of my struggles, I can help even more women who have experienced the same things.

What is your WHY?

On this week’s episode of the Faith-based Weight Loss for Women podcast, I’m going to help you discover your WHY.

I talk about how you can:

  • Learn to love the life that God called you to, live it well, and work on getting to the finish line with no regrets.

  • See your struggles as a unique opportunity to discover your purpose

  • Renew your focus if you’re stuck in your weight loss journey and move forward in the truth that “He who started a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.”

If you’re ready to dig deep on the WHY of what you’re doing and move forward with purpose and focus, this podcast is for you!

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