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3 Powerful Strategies To Stay On Track During The Holidays

During this time of year, I watch countless Hallmark movies and they all have one thing in common: there’s always a picture-perfect ending that ties up the conflict in a big, red Christmas bow. I’d be lying if I didn’t wish for some of that perfection to rub off in my own life (especially during the holidays!).

We all want our lives to mirror holiday Hallmark movies in some way, but in reality life is much messier than that. Holidays can be a huge cause of stress for many people, but that doesn’t mean we need to throw our weight loss and wellness goals out the window.

Stay on Track During the Holidays: Awareness is Key

In last week’s podcast , I mentioned several pitfalls that hinder our weight loss progress especially during this time of year. There’s a reason why—as the popular Christmas tune goes, “There'll be parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting…”

There are mamas cooking, family gatherings, eating out, alcohol, financial and relational stress, colder weather, disrupted routines, you name it. The holidays are rife with opportunities to get off track.

As you contemplate holiday temptations, what personally makes weight loss challenging for you? Half of the battle is identifying trigger points so that you can proactively stay on track with your wellness goals.

Stay on Track During the Holidays: How to Prioritize Your Weight Loss Goals

Last week, I encouraged the members of the Faith-Based Weight Loss for Women program to join me in a 3-Day detox challenge before the holidays hit. While I break the areas of the detox down in this week’s podcast, I want to share with you the core of what the detox looked like:

  • Writing out the prayer: “God, I invite you into my wellness journey this holiday season.”

  • Not compromising on rest!

  • Committing to eating processed foods (aka foods in a box) less

Even though the 3-Day detox challenge may be over, these principles don’t have to be. You can still make changes this holiday season if you prioritize the points above.

As we get closer to the New Year, I want to encourage you to celebrate the day of the holiday not the week before or after. Commit *not to quit* even when it’s tough. Lastly, visualize how you want to wake up in January 2022 and how you want to feel.


  • Finish the last six weeks of this year with excellence and grace

  • Remember that the holidays are about God… NOT food

  • Be proactive as we identify common holiday pitfalls to our wellness goals

If you want to celebrate the holidays without guilt or shame, and continue to make progress on your weight loss goals, join me on this week’s podcast episode.

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