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The 2 Essential Ingredients You Need for Sustainable Weight Loss

Ever feel like your life is spinning out of control? Do you wake up hoping your day will look one way but before you know it, you’re like a tornado picking up speed, wreaking havoc and destruction?

In this week’s Faith-Based Weight Loss for Women podcast, we learn that it’s not about the pace of life, but also the rhythms within it. We’re going to look at why and how rhythms are so important to our sustainable success of wellness, weight loss, and transformation.

Last week I asked the group, what scares you most about losing weight: staying at your current weight or another failed attempt? Most women answered another failed attempt! That’s why it’s so important to know that, unless your life is filled with the right rhythms, you won’t sustain your results.

Sustainable Weight Loss for Women: Why Rhythms Are Important

Rhythms are important to weight loss because God created us with order. Just like we see order and rhythm in seasons, and the sunrise and sunset, for example, our bodies were designed by God to follow a similar rhythm.

When we operate in chaos, disorder, and stress, our bodies’ natural response will be to increase our cortisol levels. Elevated levels of cortisol make it more difficult to lose and keep off weight because your body will hold onto fat in response.

Sustainable Weight Loss for Women: How to Implement Rhythms Into Your Daily Life

Your goal then is to achieve balance, rhythm and order like God has intended for us and this week’s podcast episode is going to help you figure out how!


  • Why reducing stress is important to your weight loss journey and how rhythms affect that

  • Learning to prioritize what is truly important rather than thinking everything is urgent

  • How to restore order to your life and walk in step with God’s calling for us

If your life just keeps picking up speed and you feel out of control, this podcast is for you. We will dive deeper into the specific rhythms that are needed in our everyday lives in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep the weight off!


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