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Is Your Mindset Holding You Back From Losing Weight? Move From Bondage To Freedom

I remember days when I felt stuck in my wellness journey with no clue where to go. I heard the relentless lies of the enemy echoing through my head saying, “You can’t change,” or “You’re never going to accomplish that.” Can you relate?

My struggles are a big part of the reason my heart is fixed on helping women get unstuck in their own journeys. I long to see breakthroughs in my fitness community, and God does too.

Move from Bondage To Freedom: A Healthy Weight Loss Mindset

While the enemy may scream, God speaks softly yet firm. His word in Proverbs 23:7 says, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” He knows the power that our thoughts have on our overall wellness, and he wants you, and I, to be set free from the raging lies of Satan. After all, if the enemy can keep you stuck, he will make you ineffective. But God has so much more!

Having a healthy mindset is crucial to your health and wellness. If you believe the lie that you will always remain where you are, your brain will never dare to dream any differently. It simply won’t believe it’s possible! As Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever your mind conceives it will achieve.” Ladies, it is time to retrain your neural pathways to think differently.

Move from Bondage To Freedom: Overcoming a Negative Weight Loss Mindset

On this week’s episode of the Faith Based Weight Loss for Women podcast, I talk with a special guest about overcoming her negative mindset. She believed that she would never be able to get the weight off after her 40s and that she should just give up. She wrestled with her views of food, her body image, and her relationship with the scale. It wasn’t until she began inviting the Lord into her daily health struggles that she began to experience a renewed mind and progress towards her goals.

We discuss:

  • The futility of the scale in comparison to other factors in your journey

  • Training your brain to think differently and getting free from negative thought patterns

  • Tracking your wins and making progress in your mind, heart, and body

Friends, we need to renounce the lies that we’ve believed for far too long. It’s time to picture the truth and believe in faith that God will get us there. These aren’t mind games but rather breaking down barriers where the enemy wants to hold you back.

If you’re longing for transformation and a renewed mind, then join us for this week’s podcast.

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