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Weight Loss Traps To Avoid – Are You Falling For These? [PODCAST #45]

We live in an age that worships quick results, fad diets, and thinness that looks like health, but the truth is that your weight loss and wellness is a lifelong journey of sanctification.

If your choices don’t lead to a sustainable lifestyle that is comprehensively focused on changing your mind, body, and spirit so that you can honor God with your life, then it’s probably just another weight loss trap that will not have a positive lasting impact on your wellness.

Let’s uncover some of the most popular weight loss traps and replace them with a plan that works and will lead to weight loss as a byproduct.

On today's podcast you will learn to:

=> How easy it is to fall into a weight loss trap

=> The prevalence of weight loss traps and the impact they have on your wellness

=> The 3 weight loss traps YOU need to avoid

=> What changes YOU need to make right now

Listen on your preferred platform!

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