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Why connecting the mind, body, and spirit are essential to weight loss – Marguerite’s [PODCAST #60]

I recently talked to Marguerite about her weight loss journey and her story is something I wish everyone would hear!

And that’s not because she lost over 40 lbs, 16 inches, went down 6 points in her BMI, 3 points in her visceral fat, and 9% in body fat.

And not because her faith was strengthened or because she improved her overall health in the midst of stress.

And not even because she learned how connecting the mind, body, and spirit in our wellness journey is a game changer.

Although those are reasons enough to listen to this podcast, I believe her story will help you see that you are not hopeless in your struggle, you don’t have to remain stuck in negative patterns, and your story is not over yet. You are a warrior woman!

Listen on your preferred platform!

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