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Hello friends, I want to share my travel experience with you. And my top favorite apps to use in Istanbul. BiTaksi and Uber apps- We have two favorite apps that are also used by residents and Turkish citizens. We recommend you get a taxi from BiTaksi that is a local app used mainly in Istanbul and Ankara or from Uber. Uber can be found in Istanbul, Ankara, and Bodrum. At the moment, I personally use more Uber because I feel like it's easier to use that app than BiTaksi, and also, of course, you will find it in English. So it's way easier for tourists as well, but just keep in mind that Uber is not working as in any other country. So here in Turkey, they will be working along with

  • Yellow taxis

  • Blue taxis.

So these two apps were very helpful for them as well. If you are traveling to Istanbul soon, you will need a Turkey e visa to enter the country. You can find out more about Turkish visa on our Turkey Visa page.

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