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What is Stay Fit For Life?


Stay fit for life is an online community and comprehensive wellness program you can do entirely from home.


Members get instant access to: 


  • Daily live group fitness classes via Zoom and Facebook Live


  • More than 350 on-demand classes of different lengths, difficulty levels, and exercise types that can be viewed at any time

  • A weekly Zoom cooking class & access to a library of healthy recipes that is constantly updated

  • Weekly wellness challenges & physical therapy education


  • A community of like-minded individuals looking to keep each other accountable

Benefits of Our Program


  • Developed by a licensed physical therapist and certified personal trainer & wellness coach to ensure injury prevention and science-based results. 

  • Live, interactive group fitness classes allow for individualized feedback and personalized modifications for all levels to help you get the work out that is right for you. 

  • Diverse class types keep things interested while helping you improve balance, posture, flexibility, strength, cardiovascular health and endurance.

  • Reduce stress and improve energy and focus through physical exercise and Christian-based mindfulness practices. 

  • Live cooking classes and a library of healthy recipes help ensure you're getting the nutrition you need to recover and thrive. 

  • Our vibrant and unmatted community will help you stay inspired, motivated, supported, and encouraged  

How to Join

This membership can be enjoyed via our Facebook group or online on our website. For maximum benefits, we recommend joining the Facebook group. Don't worry, you can cancel any time. 

Option 1: Facebook Group


We offer all of our classes and workouts via a private Facebook group. This has the additional benefit of allowing you be a part of our interactive and supportive Stay Fit For Life Facebook community. 


Join monthly for $45 a month or save 10% when you sign up for a yearly subscription for $486.

Option 2: Website 

This option is for clients who prefer not to use the Facebook platform. It gives access to private video lists with the workouts and classes. 

Join monthly for $45 a month or save 10% when you sign up for a yearly subscription for $486.



Live cardio-strength workout 



Live Inspired-Yoga workout, Pilates class



Live meal prep instruction, Mystery workout


Live physical therapy education, HIIT Pilates class


Live HIIT the weights, Chair Yoga


Live restorative Pilates class, Pilates class


Access to coaches, motivational material, interaction, community, and accountability

One sample week in the group

14-Day Free Trial

Not sure if this coaching option is for you?

  • Are you looking for a comprehensive wellness program that incorporates physical exercise, nutrition, education and overall wellness and works long term?

  • Are you interested in safe and effective workouts backed by science and led by a licensed physical therapist and certified professional trainer?

  • Do you long for a community of like-minded people who hold each other accountable?

Try it our for free for 14 days after which you can decide to continue or discontinue your membership.


When you click the button "14-DAY FREE TRIAL" you'll be taken to Facebook: click on JOIN the group and we'll give you free access for 14 days.

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