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Women's Health and Pregnancy

Frequently asked questions about physical therapy before, during, and after pregnancy.

How can a physical therapist help me during and after pregnancy?


Our bodies go through a MASSIVE physical transformation during 9 months of pregnancy. Hormones, body alignment changes, and stretching ligaments and muscles, all affect the way we move our bodies and the load that we carry.


It is important to address these physical changes to maintain healthy, functional mobility during pregnancy and to return to regular pre-pregnancy activities with our new post-partum bodies.


Can you get physical therapy while pregnant?


YES! Physical Therapy can help you reduce pain, improve strength, and prepare for successful labor


Does insurance cover physical therapy during pregnancy?

Sure does! Before, during, and after. 


What can I expect at postpartum physical therapy?

Physical therapy postpartum is a VITAL step in full recovery postpartum. Examination, treatment, and education include scar tissue mobility, diastasis recti restoration, breathing education, postural education during nursing/feeding, return to exercise participation and SO MUCH MORE!


How do you know if you have a pelvic floor dysfunction?


Believe it or not, there’s more to a pelvic floor than just Kegels.


Pelvic floor dysfunction can take many forms including incontinence, difficulty emptying bladder, pelvic pain, even hip and low back pain can have origins in pelvic floor dysfunction.


If you are struggling with any of these, it is important to be evaluated by a therapist that is able to identify all aspects that may be contributing to your dysfunction, including pelvic floor. 

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