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Losing Weight with the 5 Principle Method – A Real Life Story

When asking one of my clients why other methods of losing weight have failed her in the past, she responded that other diets or programs only worked short term because they did not change her mind-set, did not educate her, did not give her the support she needed, and ultimately did not change her life. So, “I would always fall apart and slip into old patterns during a crisis.”

Friends, I’m bold about sharing the 5 Principle Method to weightless because it truly leads to life-altering changes. In today’s podcast you will hear a conversation with Lori about her journey with this amazing program.

You will learn:

=> How Lori stopped feeling helpless and took control of her weight loss and wellness in the midst of grief and illness

=> How accountability in the 5 Principle Method client community helped her persevere and took her weight loss journey to the next level

=> Why Lori is confident she can continue making progress and sustain her success with her weight loss and wellness

Listen on your preferred platform!

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