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Ready to go from exhausted to energized?

It's time to start investing in your health!

I love helping people transform. Each step of the way is so rewarding. Seeing women move from exhausted to energized and defeated to victorious is why I do what I do.

That’s why I’m excited to introduce Lynne to you today on the inaugural episode of Faith-Based Weight Loss for Women podcast.

When I met Lynne, like so many of us, she was frustrated with the extra pounds she put on during the pandemic. She came to me feeling completely deflated after watching her weight rise to its highest level ever.

Not only was she dealing with frustration over her weight gain, she was also experiencing:

  • Lupus flares

  • A total lack of energy

  • Chronic pain due to her fibromyalgia

  • Uncomfortable digestive issues

Lynne didn’t just need to lose weight, she needed a total transformation of her mind, body, and spirit.

In today’s inaugural episode, Lynne and I talk about how she went from exhausted to energized, and how she found the internal motivation she needed to commit to a total transformation after feeling so defeated.

We chat about:

  • The tactics and programs Lynne tried in the past to lose weight, and why she kept putting the weight back on

  • How the Five Principle Faith-Based program initiated lasting change from the inside-out for Lynne as well as addressed the spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects of her weight loss journey, too.

  • The connections she made between her faith and “putting in the work” she needed to do to see results

I’m so excited for the health journey that Lynne is on, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of her story unfolds. If you’re ready to hear Lynne’s story of going from stuck to unstoppable, this podcast is for you.

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