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The only thing that has ever worked for Kathie’s weight loss – A true story [PODCAST 75]

Have you ever felt discouraged about taking care of your body due to past setbacks or temporary success?


Kathie can relate. After struggling with a cycle of losing weight and then regaining it, she found herself doubting if she'd ever truly feel better. However, her outlook shifted when she discovered the Faith Based Weight Loss for Women podcast and learned about a method that actually works.


In just four months, her transformation is remarkable:

  • She lost 24 pounds

  • Lost 11 inches overall

  • Noticed improvements in sleep, energy, and focus

  • Became more consistent with her morning devotions

  • No longer needs Prilosec

  • Experienced reduced low back pain

  • Overcame emotional binge eating

  • Saw significant improvements in cholesterol, prompting her doctor to suspend medication for six months


If you too are familiar with the struggle of sustainable weight loss, if you feel stuck, disappointed, and even disillusioned with your health, please don’t miss this episode.


Kathie’s story will give you hope and encourage you in your own journey.

Listen on your preferred platform!

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