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How to really transform your weight loss in 2024 [PODCAST #71]

Did you know that it takes two to three years to develop a lifestyle of wellness and three to five years to develop an identity rooted in a healthy lifestyle that glorifies God?


I’m telling you these statistics to encourage you not to give up if you haven’t arrived yet at your weight or wellness goal. Real change takes time.


But real change also takes a blueprint that works.


In today’s podcast I invite you to listen to a workshop I recently did on how to transform your weight loss in 2024. The principles I’m sharing are based on the scriptural foundation, the science, and the strategy you need to win, and they work!


So, if you’re ready to achieve sustainable success w your weight loss, listen to this podcast!


P.S. We have just launched the Stay Fit Wellness Academy Membership – a community to help faith-based women over 40 lose weight and grow in faith, health and wellness by teaching you how to apply the Stay Fit for Life Formula. I’d be thrilled to have you join us! Learn more here!

Listen on your preferred platform!

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