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Gaining Belly Fat in Menopause? My Top 3 Tips to Fight It

One of my clients didn’t have all that much weight to lose, but she was definitely struggling with body changes during her years of menopause and her belly was the #1 problem area! She isn’t the first client to struggle with this and she certainly won’t be the last.

What is it about menopause that causes us to lose control of our belly fat? This is an important question to look at because if we don’t understand the physiology behind it, we’ll never be able to come up with a solution. If you’re struggling in this area, the good news is that you don’t have to be a victim of your circumstances anymore. You can learn about the root causes and use that information to take back control over your body.

Menopausal Belly Fat: What’s The Cause?

When you enter menopause, the level of estrogen in your body drops rapidly. In contrast, your androgen levels, such as testosterone, go up. This hormonal imbalance leaves you feeling hungrier which drives you to crave unhealthy, comforting food. And, the more you eat, the more you bloat, and so on. Furthermore, in seasons of hormonal changes, the fat deposits shift from your hips and thighs over to your belly.

Don’t get too defeated, though. There is hope…

Menopausal Belly Fat: Are you helping or hurting yourself?

In this week’s episode of the Faith Based Weight Loss for Women podcast, I discuss with you the top three tips to fighting menopausal belly fat. You might not be able to change the chemical makeup of your body (I certainly can’t), but I can help you take inventory of your current habits and thought patterns to offset the effects that menopause has on your weight.

We go over:

- Your battle plan for fighting and winning against menopausal belly fat

- The importance of stewarding what God has given you

- Changing your mindset to overcome weight loss myths and lies

If you’re tired of feeling like a victim of menopause, I encourage you to get back up and get in the ring! Join me in this week’s podcast to learn how to effectively lose weight during this unique time of your life.


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