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The 5 Most Common Pitfalls

’Tis the season for food, family, friends, and…five extra pounds around your waistline.

Most people go into the holidays resigned to the fact that they’re going to gain weight. They convince themselves that it’s okay because they’ll take off the extra weight in the New Year.

Truth bomb time: statistically speaking, that rarely happens. Furthermore, when you gain 5-10 pounds over the holidays and don’t lose it, those small increments of weight start to add up over the years. Before you know it, in 5 years, you’re thirty pounds heavier.

In case you don’t know this: you don’t have to gain weight during the holidays! And this week’s episode of the Faith-Based Weight Loss for Women podcast is going to help you get a plan in place so that you can avoid the most common food pitfalls that happen during the season.

5 Most Common Food Pitfalls To Avoid During the Holidays

Years ago, I was out running near a construction site, so I was being extra careful about where my feet were going. Even though I thought I was being cautious, my foot caught a small dip in the ground, and I went from being horizontal to vertical (flat on my face!) in about 1.5 seconds.

That’s what the holidays are like for your wellness journey. You can walk in tall and proud, but without a plan in place, you’re likely to finish flat on your face.

The most important strategy you need is awareness—you need to be aware of the common temptations we face around food during the holiday season. If you know what to watch out for, you’ll be more prepared when the temptations come around.

Because I LOVE alliteration, I’ve started each of the five most common pitfalls with the letter “P.”

They are:

  • Perfectionism

  • Procrastination

  • Pleasure

  • Pressure

  • Parties

In this episode, I go over how each of these pitfalls wreaks havoc on your wellness and how you can set yourself up for success, yes, even during the holiday season.

You’ll learn:

  • Why perfectionism leads to inaction and how to move towards “imperfect action” instead

  • How to fight against the lie that you have to overindulge during the holidays to enjoy them

  • How to prioritize your wellness even when you’re surrounded by food at the office and your calendar is booked with holiday parties

Why is it so important to manage your weight during the holidays?

Ladies, Satan doesn’t want you to win with your wellness. He wants to keep you down, because when you feel well, you’re in a place to serve the Lord with better energy and greater enthusiasm. Don’t give in to his tricks—set your eyes on things above, not on things of this world.

If you’re ready to enjoy the holidays without the holiday weight gain, get ready for your battle plan on this week’s episode!


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