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Want Weight Loss Results That Last? 2 Key Ingredients You Need To Make It Happen

The biggest lie I hear repeatedly from women? “I should be able to lose weight on my own.”

I want you to know, that’s just not true! Community and support are critical to sustainable weight loss and a vital component of the Faith-Based Weight Loss program. Especially on days when you feel like throwing in the towel, it’s important to have other people to keep cheering you on.

I love working with this community of women in the Faith-Based Weight Loss for Women Facebook group because there are so many of you in different seasons, or even facing different struggles or needs, and yet it is so encouraging to see you all lift each other up as we walk this journey together. Having support to back you up is a huge driver for sustainable weight loss, and it is so incredible to see each of you be able to better fulfill your calling.

Weight Loss Results That Last: Community and Support

Today’s podcast guest, Jill, typically liked to fly solo and do her own thing but experienced a complete transformation along with the help of a faith-based community behind her. Though she was pretty active before joining, she talks about how taking a more well-rounded approach where she focuses on her mind, body and spirit has helped her become more successful in her weight loss goals.

In today’s episode, we talk about Jill’s journey from being stressed to feeling more confident in facing her external circumstances, and how she was able to move forward even after facing such a hard blow in her personal life.

We discuss:

  • How Jill lost weight in the past and the approach that has made her more successful now in her fifties

  • The importance of community and why we each are so valuable to the other’s weight loss journey

  • Why a comprehensive plan is more effective and sustainable than a one-sided approach such as extreme dieting or exercising

I’m so thrilled to see Jill radiate with the joy of the Lord as she experiences total transformation in her overall wellness. If you’re looking to feel supported in your journey and get the community you need for weight loss results that last, then this podcast is for you.


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